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    Hello Everyone,

                        How's your day? Hope and wish the best for everyone . Today I was talking about a website called "Drooble". Yes, it is the social network for musicians .For Musicians, there are many opportunities for the music carrier. I make a list of Drooble can help.

    Here it is,

    •     Electronic Press Kit
    •     Featured Tune
    •     YouTube Promotion
    •     Featured Video
    •     Spotify Promotion
    •     Radio Network Broadcasting
    •     Album Cover Art
    •     Featured Artist
    •     Guaranteed Radio Plays
    •     Music Tastemakers Promotion
    •     Professional Video Animation
    •     Singing Course
    •     WordPress Musician Website
    •     Music Business Accelerator
    •     Music Licensing Course
    •     Lucrative Home Studio
    •     Music Distribution in China 

    Music Review

    • Song Reviews
    • PR Publication


    • Professional Mixing
    • Professional Mastering 

    And also they have Radio Charts for Every Genre and The Electronic Press Kit is really Awesome and every artist loves the showcase of their work right. So,This is the shortlist about the Drooble but there will be more feature in this website that can help a lot for musicians so if you want to check out please click this link and sign up https://drooble.com/i/cbqr6 . 


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